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Me and the family have kinda been thing about a sprinter rv instead of a new truck I was thinking I could just drive it up to the lease with the mule behind it .anyone here have any 1st hand knowledge of them I have heard that they get good fuel mileage if you get a diesel engine .
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Are you talking about the Mercedes Sprinter vans? My dad built an rv out of a diesel sprinter. He made plywood beds, installed a rear a/c unit, shower pan & satellite tv receiver. He drove it from NC to Montana & back. Good fuel mileage.


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I would guess we might have limited "first hand" knowledge on Mercedes Class C diesels in our forum. All I will add is when towing, we have to account for wind resistance (tow rig and trailer both), as well as weight. I would caution targeting fuel mileage expectations as a primary decision maker on an RV purchase. You will likely be very disappointed in the real world performance after the purchase. Much more important to consider floor plan, reliability, quality, and in your case available towing capacity when the Class C is loaded with people, gear, fuel, water, etc.

Sprinter style Class C, you are choosing the chassis (engine, frame, etc), and the rest of it is the coach body, built by whatever company. Many look real fancy until they start bouncing down the road. Tough part is to get one that has real quality in the coach builder area, it gets expensive quick.

There is generally no free lunch on fuel mileage when we are driving, or pulling a barn door down the road, regardless of the power-plant used. I spent way too much time and money trying to squeak out another 1-2 mpg improvement when towing. The only real improvement in mpg driving/towing an RV is to slow down. It is what it is, and we are much happier not worrying about it.

Very good resource on this RV owners forum, pretty nice folks seems like.
Example thread:
Mercedes Diesel Class C discussion

If I was looking for a diesel C, I'd try to find one of these made in Canada, used before I bought anything else new. Triple E/Leisure Travel Vans.
Triple E story

Here is an older Triple E model, but it shows the quality difference. Same build/detail on the newer C models. We don't need the cold weather support, but on the other hand it would be great in our hot humid weather for the same reasons.
Regency by Triple E

There is also a Regency brand made in USA, it is not the same...


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