St. George Island tips

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Gonna be headed down to St. George July 14th for a week. Gonna be staying on the plantation side and will not be taking a boat so I’ll be fishing from shore. Any tips?


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Used to be good fishing from the shore at Bob Sikes Cut which is the west end of the island. Don't know about since Hurricane Michael.
There's a pier that's a section of the old bridge that folks fish. It's when you 1st come on to the island.
8th Street East - you can park at the end & there's a trail you can walk to the edge of the bay. Several oyster bars in that area you can wade fish.
This info is from the last time we were there which was several years ago.
Dustin Pate on here is very knowledgeable about SGI.


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We were out there on the 4th...riding around. What a zoo :)

Saw more wade fishers off 98 than anywhere. Did see some people on the old bridge at the St George side. Actually saw some tarpon roll while in the traffic jam.

Theres some pot holes on 98 that will rattle your fillings, but overall they've done a good job on makeshift repairs.


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If you have access to a kayak (or just rent one), I would launch in the camp ground area and fish along the grass and creek channels for flounder, trout and reds. Day break and sundown would be your best times. Throw top water baits like skitter walks, small jigs with paddle tails and gulp swimming mullet, gold spoons. 4hand provided some good guidance as well. And as mentioned, search Dustin Pate on here...he has posted much good information on the area.

There are some recent posts on SGI on this page so check those out as well if you haven't already.


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I was in the cut in my boat last week. Gap between rocks and houses has filled in a lot. I wasn't paying real close attention but looked like could walk out to the rocks on the jetty like pre-Michael. I've had a good time fishing out there over the years (but be careful - the rocks can be slippery and a whole lot of current if you fall in (and there are a lot of sharks in the cut)).
Get some small blue crabs or big ones and cut in half and sling out there. When the wife and I were down there in early May we caught a huge black drum, a bull red, and a slot red from the old bridge pier on the island. Try the same thing in the cut, as there are some big reds there too!!


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wade fishing in the bay is what I usually do. second weekend in may I caught my PB Spanish 25", several keeper trout, and of course lady fish and shorts. ive been there 4 times since may and have caught fish each and every time wade fishing. Recently bought a 12 foot kayak because had a run in with about a 6 foot shark trying to steal catches and keeping keeper fish on a stringer tied to belt loop isn't that great of an idea. Havent been able to get back down there to try out the yak but I will eventually