St. Marks 4/5...

Calvin, The fact that the campout has been cancelled changes a lot, but I have an appointment tomorrow to get my boat trailer in the trailer shop for new brake pads hub maintenance etc...
And I've been gone from home for over a week and getting a little homesick.
I'll be back in Saint mark's a lot over the next 2 weeks And hope we can get together either here or at the hatch soon.
Well we'll be down Friday as well if you want to get up then as well, my wife's honeydo list has gotten my fishing schedule out of whack for 21....and it looks like my April is going to be scheduled completely different starting next week so maybe we can get up instead of me having to take day trips to st mark's. IMG_20210407_140807.jpg
@doomtrpr_z71 how did you do today? Need pics and a report. Come on man! Nobody else was on the water today. Dug ditches all day. Need my fix.
Quick and dirty.....worst day of trout fishing ever for me out of the hatch, they blew it big-time on the forecast and the wind was horrible and rough seas. We had a blast as we came though the biggest school of ladyfish I've ever seen and of course puffers. Handful of trout caught but no keepers and it's so rough I gave up trying to find the spanish. Tomorrow looks much better.