Standing Kayak


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I like to Stand mainly at night. For visual purposes. I also like to stand to be able to flip and pitch. I actually got a Pelican Catch 100. It’s got a great seat and balance and didn’t break the bank. I saw some much nicer ones in my search, but also had to use some saved up gift cards to my advantage.
I have the Pelican Catch 100 also. I edited my post above because I mistakenly wrote that I bought the Catch 120. Since then I have bought a Catch 120 and a Catch 110HD pedal drive version. They are all super stable and durable.

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I’ve got a first Gen Jackson Cuda if you’re interested. I’ll probably put it on the market next week. It’s been a great kayak and was bought for standing and paddling ability. I’ve run that kayak everywhere from rivers to offshore on snapper/sailfish. It really shines on a flat poling and standing for fishing.