Starting an exotics small game hunting plantation.

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Currently booking for the upcoming season. Take your hunt to the next level as we offer these high intensity fast hunts on small game that you normally will not come across here in GA. We have an awesome Black Lab who flushes them out of the suburban cover, runs them down weakening the pray so you can get a still, ethical shot on these crafty little creatures. Recommend using 22 for our hunts, bigger guns are allowed if needed as they could turn at any moment on you with their razor sharp teeth comparable to that of a mountain lion. Booking begins next week. 199276164_10219188335605785_3620256159253527608_n.jpg

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I'm interested in the hunt but would like to harvest one of these trophies with my blow gun. Also would like a full body mount if you know a good taxi.


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Friend of mine got a ferret one time. He didn't mention it. I was over at his house sitting on the couch drinking a beer when it came out from under the couch and climbed up my leg into my lap. I about left a dent in the ceiling. :bounce:


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Ferrets are great little critters. They use them to hunt rabbits over in england. put nets over all the holes in a field then drop in a ferret or two. the rabbits either get caught in the nets escaping or killed by the ferrets and drug out.

My great uncles hunted rabbits like that. They carried them in a trout basket and put croaker sacs over the holes and held them. Ferrets , like weasels, are blood thirsty killers. The rabbit knows what’s up. My Uncle told a tale of a rabbit blowing the bottom out of a old sac and busting his nose. He’d pull your leg if you didn’t watch him tho. Totally illegal in Wv.
All I know about them is ALL I want to know about them... let them run loose in your house and they'll chew the cork and / or foam handles off ALL of your fish'n poles.
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Unfortunately I guess this business venture has to end as quickly as it began. Seems that was the only one there was. Sure gave the lab a run for her money until she bit the labs nose and that was the end of the business.