Starting Today the nonsense will stop!

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This is deer season folks. We should be out hunting deer, having fun with family and friends, and enjoying this sport. Instead, some are here to blast and nit-pick anything they can to try and steal someones moment.

It will stop today. Consider this your first warning. The staff of this site have grown very tired of babysitting a bunch of adults.

Starting now, anyone found making condescending remarks about someone's legally taken deer will be given an infraction. 4 infractions and you are automatically shown the door. Some folks already have a few to their name, you know who you are. You are treading on thin ice.

We want this place to be where anyone can come and show off their kill, get an "atta boy" or "atta girl" and be proud of their game without worrying about being blasted because it doesn't measure up to another persons standards. We will not tolerate such behavior.

Have fun, kill some deer, post up the pictures and stories and enjoy this board. If you can't do that, find another sand box to scratch in. You have been warned.


I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im glad to hear this. I have only been a member on here for about a year and have really really enjoyed this forum until lately. Im glad you guys are stepping in and takin control before its to late and turns into another cry baby know it all forum like the rest out there.

Can we reduce it to 3 infractions:biggrin2:
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Why not just exile them to the duck hunting forum?

:whip: :whip:

Nick just has gotten that forum straightened out I think! Now we're turning him loose on this one. Bummed knee, pain, a mountain man stuck in a house, he's out for blood! :D


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I hope everybody realizes the seriousness of what can happen, if these words are not followed.



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Thank was kinda ridiculous at times!!:cool:
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