Statewide Recreational Fishing Closure


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Now that is ridiculous....
Yeah, pile up in close quarters in grocery stores, pharmacies, and @ gas stations and convenient stores, but not out on a lake, river, or out on hiking trails where one can actually distance themselves.

Corona virus isn’t suspended in the air just floating around.


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A lot of boat ramps are closing in Florida, because folks are gathering on sand bars in large numbers. Easy fix, post those areas and send the LEO out to the sandbars, they know where they are and start writing tickets. They been using drones to catch dastardly fishermen, so use those to check these folks. Fly a drone over with a loud speaker playing the song ... I fought the law and the law won!


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I was there Saturday!

And I am working all this week.:banginghe. Be next Thursday before I can get back on the water.


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And people don't think that this is A) the last we have seen of this over reaction and B) that this isn't an over reaction. What is stopping fishing going to do to help this situation.

Just dumb.


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I heard there was a swarm of city folks up in the mountains this past weekend. Those swarms is what gets things cut off. Sort of like the 2 or 3 that litter the fishing hole cost everyone their privileges at the local watershed