Stave needed

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Looking for a good stave of hickory, Osage, black locust or yew, or any other good bow wood. Looking to carve out my first bow. Just let me know what you want in return. Thanks
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What would you want for a hickory or locust stave? I jus realized you responded to my post about the knapping material. I have a little stone but I'm no sure the flakes I have would be large enough to suit your needs. I apologize for not noticing that before, I don't check this wall much
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I'm planing for the bow to be 60-66 inches and 2 inches wide from handle to mid limb. So a 65-70 inch by 3 inch stave should give me room to play I think. And the flatter the rings the better (from a large diameter tree) due to my inexperience I don't want to get into decrowning yet. I'd like to stay away from the myrtle since there aren't any growth rings. And of course any natural reflex is prefered. I will probably reflex the tips and sinew back it so imperfections aren't huge issues BUT the better the stave the less likely I am to completely screw it up.

Not trying to be picky I'm studying all of this stuff and designing it as recommended for the stats I'm aiming for. Planning on a 55-65lb bow.