Steroid injections in my lower back and hunting

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I got referred to a Doc that specializes in Spine issues and nerve damage. This guy actually talked to me and let me know his background unlike my last Doc (Hey, I'm Mr....... and you have CRPS/ RSD and we are GOING to put a spinal cord stimulator in your back) all in one sentence!

I quickly told him (Wow no hey how are you, kiss on the cheek or a reach around) and walked out and didn't come back.

So I had to go back to my Army Doc who refered me out to get referred again. This guy seems to be pretty good. I have only had one morning with him talking about what Is going on with me however it is more than I have had in the past.

As for hunting I am able to get out, however I am not able to hump across a lot of un-even ground. I am a Soldier on Fort Benning (Looking at retiring in a couple years). I love to hunt pigs, does anyone know where I would be able to do some of this.. Does anyone know if there is a farmer having issues with hogs destroying their crops, I would LOVE to help! Getting out is great and therapeutic for me. I currently live in Harris county GA and am looking to stay here when I retire. Any help would be wonderful!



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If I'm not mistaken,there are hogs on Fort Benning.

I live in Troup county,and am retired.I'd be glad to help you any way I can.

I hope to start a chapter of Outdoors Without Limits in the area and have it up and running by next season.
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I am not hunting on Fort Benning for Many reasons. All not so good. I have all my privileges so it is not like I have been banned for POST hunting privileges. Im looking for farmer who are having their crops destroyed of they are being intrusive.



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Don't have any farmers to tell you about, but wish you luck with your back.

Wife has been dealing with back issues for the last 5 years and finally had surgery this past spring. Back issues other way to put it. Hope you get yours fixed and thanks for your service to our country.