Stetson Bennet arrested in Texas

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All I know, is every time I have been arrested while under the influence of Alcohol I had a blast that night. Just sayin...


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In all seriousness, he’s been atop the mountain for a while now. Hopefully he uses that platform for his better good. Public intoxication could be pinned on many, who knows if alcohol is an issue for him - but I just hope his good story continues. There have been many other story endings related to alcohol and glory in the negative light. Again, he’s 25 going on 67, give the dude a break.

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It didn’t take him long to realize he’d messed up.

“I’m done, I’m done” :ROFLMAO:
That looked just like the baker Mayfield video.

Edit.... Thats the Mayfield video.


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Been a heckuva PR month for the DAWGs. I bet Kirby is ready for some low key months.

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His daddy will still whoop that butt even if he is 25.