Stock market?

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Now organized labor is a great thing it disallows corporations from taking advantage of the working man while allowing for a decent wage , we actually need more unions in this country not less .
Will someone pinch me!! :speechles


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Okay guys, this is what I do for a living...

and I'm wondering if anyone is paying attention. Return of the S&P 500 in 2003? +28.7% What about 2004? +10.8%. That's not bad. And it's available to every investor with more than $1000. Net of fees, too. Now net of taxes is a whole 'nother story...

I advise pension funds, endowments/foundations, and 401k plan sponsors for a living. I've been doing it for 12 years. My smallest clients have over $100 million. Guess what they do? They select a long-term strategy based on lots of research and a solid perspective and they stick with the plan. When stocks are up they sell. When stock are down they buy. Sounds simple, but very few folks seem to be able to do it. And don't try to pick stocks for yourself. If 70% of professional investors can't do it consistently, how do you think you're going to do better?

Investing is not rocket science. Heck, if a simple boy with a degree from the University of Florida can do it, how hard can it be? ;)

Most of my personal assets are at It ain't sexy, but it works. I'm all about what works.

And not even I will touch that comment about unions... ::gone:
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OK ufg whats better stocks or long term mutual funds. My first advisor messed me up. now like I said I'm a poor man but now am even poorer or was. They put all my eggs in one basket mutual fund It was making 178% at one time butttttt!! It lost way more than it made. Now we use a different co but we still have mutual funds just a lot of different ones. Is this better than stocks or not in your opinion. I'm not that educated on this stuff so please inlighten me. Thanks Stumpman!


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My advice for individual investors?

Call Vanguard. By the way, I have no financial ties to Vanguard. They don't pay me a dime. I do have lots of personal assets there and suggest that all my family members use 'em.

I consider myself well educated. I have an undergrad in finance and and a CFA charter (sort of like a CPA for investment folks). I don't pick my own stocks. Why? Because there are tons of Harvard/Yale/Stanford/MIT grads out there trying to pick stocks and they have a heck of a time beating the market net of fees.

So, my bet (literally) is on "the market". You want equity (stock) exposure? But the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund. Then igonore it. I get to interview the most successful portfolio managers from all over the world (by the way, most of them are American :flag: ). So I have invested some assets with a handful of the folks I really think are smart. But most folks don't get the access to those portfolio managers that I do. So buy the index fund and don't worry about it.

Buying individual stocks is for the birds. It just makes your broker rich. And to those of you out there with big allocations to company stock in your 401k plan, I have one word: Enron. Don't put your 401k and your paycheck at risk together. I don't care who you work for. Diversify. Then diversify some more.

One final note: This advice may be worth exactly how much you paid for it... :rolleyes:


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I too invest heavily with the Vanguard funds and I can honestly speak very highly of them , But I use the fabian system for my buy and sell signals works good too start with a ten thousand dollar base @a 20% yearly return ( its never been lower ) and see where you're sitting after 20 years

Throwback the answer to your last : No one decides for themselves on pay , hours etc. except business owners , Its called collective bargining a back and forth between managment and union reps to garner a fair wage and decent working conditions , would you pay $40 a month to make $30 an hour with a guaranteed 40 a week with benefits ? or would you save your $40 doing the same job making $10 an hour with no guarantee of hours or benefits ?? Its a no brainer

And finially yep it was Bill who signed NAFTA , worst move he ever made besides Monica that is But why did George keep it ??


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stumpboy said:
Thanks ufg . And I still don't understand it all. But I'm learnin slowly but surely.
I'm more than willing to trade investment education for hunting time ;)

I could either have you well on your way or more confused than ever in about an hour. It's really not that complicated. Most folks want you to think it is, but that's just so they can fleece ya. Ever wonder why lawyers keep using all those silly Latin terms? :whip: