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Any of y’all use a straight razor to shave? Recommend carbon steel (easy to sharpen) or stainless steel? I have never shaved with one but would like to try it.What are your recommendations on this subject?
I've never used one, they kind of scare me. I'm not much on shaving to begin with. :) If I was going to use one, I think I would definitely go with carbon.


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Stainless. Easier to sterilize so I don’t get an infection when I cut myself.
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I got the razor and have used it about three times. Not good at it but better than the first try. I think it might be like riding a dirt bike. It won’t really hurt you until you get comfortable with it.
I use a replaceable one as well. Have been for 6 years or so. I had a problem with my neck breaking out with a normal razor. The straight razor has all but eliminated that. Once you get used to them, there is nothing to it. I have a beard and only use it for my neck, so I don't have to change the blades but every few shaves.
I collect razors. Mostly Double Edge. I have a Heavy beard, and cartridge razors just don't cut it. Literally. I stopped buying store razors when Gillette put out the three blade sensor and I was throwing the cartridge away after two shaves.
Only two reasons I never collected straights, was the Price of good ones, and I stink at sharpening anything finer than an axe.
That said I Use straights, just don't collect... A good straight well kept will outlast you. The same with a Double Edge, or even something like my Feather. Clean the blade properly and even the DE, and replacement blades will Way outlast the cartridge razors. I spend Maybe $10 a Year on blades, unless I just want to try something new.
Have fun, enjoy. Watch out for the bug... They're as addictive as buying new guns.
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My rationalization was that I can use the straight razor and not buy any blades except I’d probably use my regular razor on Sunday mornings before church.