Striper on lanier

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Let me start out by saying I am no guru, professional, or even very good. I see allot of people ask for help on how to catch striper on our pond, and not many people give specifics to help the newbie. I don't get to fish daily, not even every weekend. When I do get to go I am going to make an effort to post what worked such as general vicinity, techniques and depths. I do this in hopes that someone else's day can be a little better.
Good bait being key to the way we were fishing today, we started at 0 dark 30. Our first stop, the only place to get the quality bait we needed, Oakwood Bait and Tackle. After loading up with 4 dozen+ Herring we put in just south of browns bridge. With the air temp and debree we decide to put out our first baits right in the mouth of the creek we put in and wait for things to brighten and warm up. We had 2 downlines, 1 at about 20-25 the other at 30-35(6-8' 15lb floro leader, 2 oz. weights) 1 free line(no leader 10lb mono) and 2 planers(planer,bead,small swivel,6-8' 15lb floro leader). Our first couple fish came quick 1 on each downline, 1 on a planer. Each of these were around 24". We stayed at this location another hour or so picking up 2-3 decent spots. Every thing here was caught between 40-50 foot of depth.
Our next spot was north of brown bridge, before the split. Same scenario, a long cove or creek mouth in 40-60' of water with the same spread. This spot was pandemonium at times catching fish on every rod, at times 2 and 3 at time. This was a mixture, mostly striper but a decent spot here and there. Most striper were about 24" with 2 being decent, in the 15 to 20lb range. One of which My boy caught, his new PB! A Daymaker for me as well. One of the larger fish was on a free line the other on a planer.
With day now getting close to over we head back to general vicinty of the ramp and start a drift from the opposite of the ramp heading towards, not really expecting much, just drowning the last baits and picking up the boat a bit. Low and behold over 90' water another decent striper this one on a 20' downline. Everything was released for next time.

On another note I cant figure out how to attach more than 1 picture to this. If anyone can assist me it would be greatly apreciated.



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Nice trip and report. Looks like a solid first mate you have there too.

Thanks for providing some specifics! I only have a chance to get to the lake a few times a year and was thinking about trying winter fishing on Lanier. Now I know its worth a shot. You gave me the info I need to try it and the motivation. Thanks!
Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great day on the water especially being out there with your son. Me and my boy are going to give it a try this afternoon.
That's awesome. It's those moments of panic with every rod going down at once that makes people stick with striper fishing.