Success in more ways than one.


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I’m sitting here in a blind waiting on a deer McNugget to slip in. Figured I’d post how my season went. Couple good bucks and 4 doe so far. Hoping for one or two more before it ends Jan 31st. I went through chemo and radiation for lung cancer a while back. My 4 quarterly scans were good and I just had my 1st 6 month scan. Judging from looking at the test results, looks like I’m good there too. I’ll know more Monday at the dr office when we go over the ct scan results ? So, as it stands, I’ve had a great season ! The power of prayer is strong,


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Congratulations on the deer. Super congratulations on the news. I hope it continues to be good and gets better. I have missed your posts recently.


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When I watch Bo’s videos I always hear the song “ I was country when country wasn’t cool “ …..just my 2 cents


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Man that’s aweomse lee
Heckuva season too fella. Great bucks that one freaky is cool as heck I like em.. good to see you posting I always enjoyed your stories pictures and videos


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Life and hunting is good, congratulations! Best regards for today!


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Congratulations on your fight and fantastic season! That is awesome! Will keep praying! Like it was said earlier we missed your posts. Still a few more days left in the season.

Congrats again!


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whack'em and stack'em!


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Yeah I’d say it’s been a good one! Continued prayers for ya and keep stackem up Bow!