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Success of the ultimate kind. Property that I hit hard this winter and spring due to all the coyote sign is seeing new life!! Put a feeder up and got at least one doe with twins and a hen maybe 2 with about 10 younguns. Caught 3 coyotes and about 12 possums and coons off this property. Its only 150 acres and mainly cow pasture so i call that a success!!! unfortunately though my own property was not trapped due to no sign. My wife mentioned she hasn't seen the neighborhood cats. Well i pulled my camera from my backyard and have a young yote working close to the house. Thought I was done until cooler weather but i just broke out a few and dyed and waxed today.
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Glad to hear your efforts paid off. I've got cameras out and it looks like the coyotes have disappeared. I've got a couple gray fox and that's it. Drove my lease yesterday and only saw one old set of coyote tracks.

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Good deal man! There’s those that say they have just as many with predators as without, but you can’t disprove facts. Had a guy text a few weeks ago and tell me they have gotten pics of fawns this year and never have before. He also asked if I had released quail on his land, lol. Said he knows of three coveys already and it’s not but 35ac. Trapping pays off!


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Good job , it does work , I keep the Coon and opossum in check and am planning on learning how to effectively catch coyote ! Imagine if everyone did it !