Summer pattern

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The stripers are setting up in their summer pattern, lower end of lake in and just at top of trees, where they are targetable using down rods, leadcore and Cannon downriggers. My boat has a step hull necessitating the thru hull 2D ducer to be in front of the step with the SI/DI ducer on the stern. This means the 2D image is slightly ahead of the SI/DI image. The 2D is seeing 20 degree and 455kHz DI is seeing 85 degree thus the reason DI sees more than 2D. Because the SI/DI ducer is on the stern and the downriggers near to the ducer I am able to see them on slight turns due to blowback of the flash weights. There are plenty of scattered fish especially at the convergence of creeks just off the main channel. 1oz bucktail, Pulse jigs, Scrounger jigs and Ben Parker spoons all are working. When I find a small group of fish I can usually catch some by power reeling the spoons.


Lanier Jim

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Sweet Bill....nice fish and awesome sonar pics and info.