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Just before the "Big Crash", there was a thread about where to get summer sausage made. Someone had posted about a processor in the Toccoa area.

Could you please re-post the information, processor name, location, maybe a phone number?

I used to get some excellent summer sausage made at Burbage's in Ravenel, SC, but that's a little far to haul a deer now.


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Snakeman, maybe someone will help out with the name of the establishment in Oglethorpe county that makes good summer sausage too. I got some from there last year and it was good. The place is in or around Lexington. He sells it to the public whether you take him a deer or not I believe.



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I remember the post and I would also like to see the information again. Seems like there were several processors around the North Georgia area that were making summer sausage and jerky.

I was told that there was a processor located somewhere between Blairesville and Murphy that did a good job making jerky and summer sausage. Anybody know who they might be?
Summer sausage

The guy up around Tocca is actuall close to Carnesville. His place is called Dormity's Processing. It is listed in the September GON under Franklin county. I have been taking deer to him from Lumpkin Co. for several years now. He does a first rate job and the Summer sausage and Jerky are out of this world. He also has wonderful bulk sausage along with slim jims.
Last year he charged $65.00 to make Jerky out of as much of the deer as he could. Then he would grind the rest into either plain ground venison or make ground bulk sausage. If you want summer sausage or slim jims made out of the ground he charged $1.00 lb. extra on the ground. You could take an average for my area 120 lb dressed deer get alot of jerky and 20 to 25 lbs of ground out of it.

There is a man in Jackson county that does summer sauage also. He also does jerkly. I don't know what he charges, but his summer sausage is very good. I don't personally care for his jerky myself. He also runs a drop off for Hunters for the Hungery in November. Sealy is his name. He is listed in the GON also. My late father in law used him some.
If you take a deer up to Dormity's you will not be disappointed. Very nice people, clean business and very tasty product.

Hunt hard, hunt safe and God bless.


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Hicks Deer Processing in Crawford does it...Wayne and Barry are some fine ppl....Tell them Brandon sent you ..


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Dang Snake, Burbages, there is a name I have not heard in forever. You are right though, they made some of the best sausage I have ever had. Now, I just make my own and smoke it with some hickory in the back yard.


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Snake --- I think the guy in Toccoa was Thompson's meat Processing.

706-779-3898 -- He also does a good job of canning a deer.
gregs meat processing just out of danielsville does the best patty sausage i have ever had. also does hogs. great processor. i have head of this feller in carnesville and tasted soem of his product. good stuff there!!!
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Woody, Timmy (Thompson) doesn't make the large summer sausage like I want. He does a smaller version that he calls "deer salami". It's good, and his slim jims are excellent. I used Timmy one time last year, and liked his operation. I just want some nice, smoked summer sausage to to with my cheese and crackers.

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