Summit Treestand owner's who have the Surround Seat?

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This is directed to Summit owner's who have had or replaced the regular seat and upgraded to the Surround Seat... Is it worth the extra $?
The regular stock seat is 40 bucks... The Surround is $100...

Thank you.



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guess i will go the other way, did not like mine seemed hot during bow season and not anymore comfortable than the stock one.


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To answer your question,I up graded and YES it's worth it.


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guess i will go the other way, did not like mine seemed hot during bow season and not anymore comfortable than the stock one.
I have the Goliath with the normal seat. Good as a Lazyboy if you ask me. I'd been eyeing the wrap around but if it's hot that's something to consider.


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I have 2 summits, a 180 and a max version...Normal seat on the 180 and surround on the max. Both are VERY comfortable to me and Ive sat extended periods of time in both. Personally, I like the normal seat better. Its easier to maneuver when climbing and doesn't make as much noise as the surround seat. If moneys the issue, just get the normal seat unless u absolutely need the pockets (I have a pack within reach for that) and like to nap in the woods lol. Either way you'll be satisfied.


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i got a surround seat the pockets are kinda hard to get to but they are there if you need them and I like it alot better feels safer.


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I HAD a 180 max with surround seat until someone stole the stand out of the back of my truck. Luckily my surround seat was in the cab of the truck. That seat is very comfortable and it will be on my new summit next year. The pockets are great to put warmers in too
I love my two Summits and the customer service at Summit. I wish they would quit improving their stands because it is hard to connivence my wife I need a new stand every couple of years.


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I have heard if you are replacing a damaged seat....summit will replace at a discounted rate or free!

I love my surround seat....but it is hot on warmer days
Doesn't seem any more or less comfortable to me than the normal seat. It is a little more bulky for climbing but I love being able to just set things like my phone, rangefinder, call, water, etc right beside me and not have to worry about it falling. The pockets are nice but extremely loud with the velcro to use while in the tree. I wish they'd have used some sort of magnet or zipper instead.
I have had both and I prefer the regular seat, not quite as hot. Need all the help I can get down here in south GA with the heat.


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For those who have summits with the surround seat... what’s it like climbing with it?? does it pack easily? is it practical with a regular viper SD?