Supplies for making arrows

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I seem to be ruining arrows/vanes while practicing and was thinking about making my own. I have looked at places like Lancaster Archery for supplies and tools and it seems like it would be about the same as buying complete arrows. Where is the best place (price wise) to buy arrow making supplies? What fletching jig is recommended, like wise, what should one avoid?
Most all of the suppliers are priced near the same. Depending on what arrows you are using, carbon or aluminum, and if your just target shooting or planning to hunt will be a determining factor. A Bitzenburger jig is probably the top jig to refletch with. You can increase or decrease the helical and you can fletch either 3 vane or 4 vane. If your just going to be shooting blazer vanes on a carbon shaft , a Arizona jig is cheaper. They are plastic and the Bitzenburger are a thick cast aluminum. Shooting at different dots on your target will save you from refletching near as much. Shooting tight groups makes a fellow feel good, but it gets expensive.
Shoot multi-dot targets. One arrow per dot.

Slappin' arrows reminds me of my tournament days when we'd shoot at the other guy's nock if he scored an "X". Fun times!