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I just stumbled across this today. Having a heart for the disabled because my mom is a paraplegic, and knowing much about Youtube, this has the potential to be a good thing. For many reason, for many people. Maybe it's not new? Maybe it's been done before? I don't know? The comment section has the potential to encourage as well as the content potential. Go check it out. It just got started. Youtubers have to hit about 1000 subscribers and something like 10, 000 watch hours before they start getting a little compensation. His name has "sports" in it so I expect that coming videos may be of more interest. The biggest thing I see is those who may be facing a similar prognosis could find encouragement here. Like and hit the subscribe button. Click the Youtube icon to move from Woody's to Youtube where you can subscribe..... but come back to Woody's. We don't wish to diminish this great forum