Supreme Court Says No to NYC’s Second Amendment–Avoidance Scheme


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Slap a fool brought to you by SCOTUS!
The real meat and potatoes will come when they hear and rule on the case.

I Am wondering how hard they’ll slap down .gov and district courts for their attacks on the 2a.
And what the judge count will be. 5/4 as some expect or if even one or two from the liberal side will be swayed.

Any limits such as nyc put on lawful gun owners would be tossed in the blink of an eye were they on other things.

Speech religion search press.

I hope the ruling is a forceful slap!

On other sites they are talking the wrenn ruling that made DC go shall issue for carry permits as well, and comparing that to this. Wrenn wasn’t appealed because they were afraid of scotus. Having shall issue permits and some form of carry legal, the usual suspect places will go bonkers
Hope your right. Other cases are being put on hold with this.

Various carry cases, like Hawaii oc case and some others.

I think if Thomas goresuch and maybe even Kavanaugh have a chance to write the opinion of the majority it may be a big push on guidance against the infringements of all the usual suspect state laws.

Hope they follow your guidance elfiii!👍🏼

It should be 9-0 but it will be 6-3.


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I hope pee pees get slapped hard. NYC already knows their law is unconstitutional trying to change it before the supreme court changes it for them.