Surprise At The Rifle Range

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Thursday afternoon I took a friend to Little River range to check zero on his hunting rifle. Since we were going I quickly assembled 3 rounds of 6.5 CM using 100gr Barnes TTSX # 30240 bullets atop 46.0 grains of IMR 4350 @2.700" OAL.

The Ruger is zero'd 2" high @ 100yds with 129gr Hornady Interlock #2620 atop 42.4gr IMR 4350 2.695" OAL.

I went expecting the lighter faster Barnes to have a significantly lower POI than the 129's. Well, I was wrong.

The Barnes 100's came in with a .60" 3 shot group exactly 1" high @ 100. No change in windage.

This is a welcomed surprise and a chronograph may explain it away? Using different bullet shapes and weights will usually cause a fairly noticeable and many times predictable change in POI, this is a new experience for me. I am new to Barnes bullets.

Bonus, the felt recoil is so low most anyone could comfortably fire the rifle all day. (As long as someone else is footing the bill.)


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That's a darn good surprise a couple days before the season starts!
I luck out and run into those every once in awhile also.
The low recoil of the light weight Barnes is a really nice advantage.... along with the killing power compared to heavier lead core.

Recoil is about like a .243 Win ... unless you are shooting 80 grain TTSX in the .243 .... that puts recoil on down more.