Swampfox Sentinel with Ironsides on Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm

Yep, I have three of the Swampfox Justices on different guns and they have been great.
Getting ready to put one on a .44 mag Contender I am putting together.
They currently are having a 40% off sale for LEO/Veterans on their Amazon Storefront.
Ends tomorrow.
I have one on order.
I had an old cheap BSA Green Dot laying around and I played with it outside and in the garage where I have some dry fire targets up that I practice on.
I have bad eyes and astigmatism and the greed dot did not seem to flare as bad as the red does.
It should be here Friday and I will give it a try on a G45 I shoot matches with. If that doesn't work out I will put it on my new .44 Mag Contender barrel.
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Good luck with the green sight. I was super pleased with my red sight. I bet you will get awesome groups. I like how my dot self adjusted for light conditions vs fiddling with a button to change the light level