Sweet little girl now in our home!!

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It has been a year we lost our dog! I have been looking at dogs for about 6 months. Last week I saw little lady. She came the Cherokee shelter as a stray at 6 months old, she was adopt on 9/12/2020 and came back in the same day. She is 15 months old she has had a oop a few times. Everyone meet our new little Girl "MISS BIRDIE"


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She has been the shelter of a year NEVER HAD HOME, but she has a forever home NOW!! God save she for us!!


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Dogs seem to know when they have been rescued.


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Miss Birdie looks like she has found a home! Congrats on your new companion!

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She's gonna be a good one. Our rescue that kept returning to the pound before we adopted was one of the best dogs ever. Yes, they know when they'd been rescued by good folks.