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I became a fan of his guns when I was in high school. I worked at the DeKalb Firing Range in Lithonia from 1984 to 1987. Coincidentally the Newton Deputy TC mentioned earlier in this thread was my boss.....Those are some fine shooting rifles for sure and part of Georgia gun history.
come on by and I’ll let you shoot it sometime
Just ran across this forun whie scanning the GunBroker site, seeing a T.C. Kennon gun for sale then doing a search for Mr. Kennon. Thiought i would add a bit of info but don't know if it is the same T.C. Kennon. 1n 1959/60 period I believe there was a T.C. Kennon (Gunsmith) that lived in SW Marietta, Ga. near the intersection of Powder Springs St. and the old road that led to the old County Fairgrounds. He had a small machine shop in his basement at the time and at the time i don't recall if he was also emplyeed as a machinist at the Lockheed Aircraft plant and was doing the Gunsmithing on the side or not. I think i visitsited only 3 times, 1. to talk about doing some work, 2. to bring the parts in for assembly and bluing and 3. to pick up the finished product which was to install a 18" 8mm mauser carbine barrel on a 1918 Erfurt 98-KAR receiver, head space it and drill and tap the receiver in order to sporterize it then blue all the metal parts so it would be ready for me to install a Bishop Monte Carlo mannlicher stock on it. The macchine work was great and the blue job was a beatiful deep blue I scope. We didn't talk that much but as i recall his wife was having medical problems at the time so his shop time was limited. As I said, this may be a different Me Kennon but a few years later, as I recall he was no longer there. But then i could be having Biden memory fog problem, but I do remember the name popping up in my search for a reptuable gunsmith. If anyone can correct me on this please do.
I just stumbled upon this thread while searching for information on T.C. Kennon rifles. I inherited one from my father last year. Dad bought it in 1990 at a Safari Club International dinner (auction item). It is a .300 WinMag on what appears to be a Mauser 98 action (according to someone more knowledgeable than myself).

I was searching because I’m trying to determine the value of the gun.
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