T.P.'s 7th annual food plot prep picture thread

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(T.P. hope you are doing well)

'Cause T.P. likes pichers. I got nothing right now, but hope to be back down to camp soon. It's getting close to that time, to get our fall plans together. I know I have another truckload of lime coming soon, to apply to some new and old property, so I will need to get that worked into the ground!

I've been blessed (thanks Cal and remember you're welcome to come fishing any time!) with some leftover soybean and alfalfa seed, so I am getting anxious!!

Put your pichers in here!!!
Here are few of my food plots and my dove field. I mix sunn hemp, okra, soybeans, and iron clay peas on about 20 acres in the summer. I also have about 5 acres of imperial whitetail clover. Then a 9 acre dove field 3 acres of standing wheat 3 acres of sunflowers and 3 acres of millet that I planted early last week.


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Last time I was down to camp was on 6/12/20 and I had given our clover up for dead, since we hadn't gotten any rain in 30 days. David Helmly :) was kind enough to share some of his rain, and even though it's been 90+ for a couple weeks now, the Durana (12 year old plot) and Ladino are back in the game again!!!

Just can't keep a good clover down!

Orchard Durana.jpg Orchard Durana1.jpg
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Well, going to head down to camp this weekend and do some spraying, broadcast some fertilizer and plant 1/2 acre of turnips. Looks like a reasonable chance of rain in the next week. I'm 3-4 weeks away from planting the main plots. The planting season has begun!