T.P.'s 7th annual food plot prep picture thread

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I have planted Wrens Abruzzie rye, Surge Triticale, Everleaf Oats and wheat this year, in different plots. I cannot draw any conclusions from this, because the plots where they are planted in, have different surroundings, are different sizes, etc., so this is just a curiosity for me. I chose Surge Triticale to try, because I was told it was "sweeter" earlier and maybe would become more of an attractant.

So far, it is showing signs of being nibbled on, more than the others. This is an example from post #74. On some of my very worst ground.
57-11-01-20 Surge Triticale and 3 clovers.jpg


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Update. We are slowing getting somewhere on this small logging deck staging plot.
Trail cam has showed some visitors in the last few weeks. Also found some sign since the last time I checked it out.
CF1C9069-C00A-42C1-9574-6321E4BBF4A9.jpeg Not sure what’ll get me more excited....the plot really popping or a big daddy bruiser showing next.
I done a little experiment with this one. Look at the right top at the difference in color. I didn't put down nitrogen a couple weeks ago on that spot. I done another plot the same way but didn't take a picture yesterday. I managed to get 400 lbs of triple 13 out yesterday evening, now just waiting for the rain.



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Wish mine looked that good. I had some decent plots growing until they sprayed the clear-cut next to them, and now they're about 2/3's dead. It'll probably be 2 year's before I get anything to grow in them again.
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My second try at alfalfa and it's looking pretty good right now. Definitely seeing a lot of usage. I have to get the grass out of it now.

Alfalfa 11-20-20.jpg Alfalfa 11-20-20-1.jpg
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It was a Dekalb RoundUp Ready variety. Last year was Bulldog 805, but the problem I had with the bulldog, was I planted it into a plot that had been clover for several years and the clover seed germinated and crowded out the alfalfa.
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Coker oats on the left
Biologic sugar bulbs and winter beets in the right. left a little bare strip in the middle.
Planted October 16. put 50 lbs 13-13-13 on date of planting and put about another 20 pounds on the beets today for the rain this weekend. EEC836A7-4E57-4675-A9F1-9F7B09ADE0FA.jpeg