Talbot County 2018

Hooty Hoot

Gone but not forgotten
Nine days in the woods and nothing to show for it. Saw eight bucks total with six being eight points. Only saw one that was bullet worthy and he was across a rain swollen creek impossible to cross. He got a pass. I guess it was just his day. It seems to be a strange year in that the rut didn't really hit as it usually does. Plenty of bucks but little buck sign. We rode out the rain and didn't hunt four days. Watched plenty of Gun Smoke.


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Killed a nice 8 point Nov 25, Junction City area. Going back Friday for a drive by.


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Real nice 8 point. Seen a lot of good bucks with the short brow tines come out of Talbot, must be something genetic. Mine also had black hocks and smelled like a old billy goat. Had a big deer come in on me today, winded me at my 4 o'clock about 40 yards out, blowing like crazy, he gave me about 45 seconds of a sneak peak and was gone. No point count but lots of mass and height. Found three of his fresh scrapes later. Going back Sunday for 3-4 days to give it another go. This one has got me all pumped up.

SouthPaw Draw

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Bear consistent or just passing through?
I had pics of him on Nov 22nd and 30th. Other members have been getting pics of him since October. Appears that he may be sticking around. We also have pics of another smaller one. In the past they would come and then leave.