Taliaferro Co. pigs (food plot rooters)

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If I am succesful in getting the attachment to work the pic is what my trail cam shot of some hogs in one of my food plots. I have a couple more I will post later.

The food plot in this pic hasnt been damaged by these critters. But it hasnt been plowed fully in two years, only scratched with a harrow each fall to add some wheat and greens to supplement the clover. They seen content to graze and eat persimmons.

My other plot is in richer, softer soil and was fully plowed in late August. It was beautiful with a great green stand of wheat and greens until the swine found it. It now looks like my Massey Ferguson and the harrow have been in it again. They have destroyed it, to say the least.

Maybe I could rent them out for food plot plowing, any takers??




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Sure feel for you MM. ::;

Maybe those are the only ones there? :D :D :bounce:
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We know there were at least 8 one night last week, My nephew saw them in the destroyed food plot. He let an arrow go at one, but didnt find the pig or the arrow. They are all around our place now. Arrow 3 and Haven hunt just a short distance away and are covered up too.

I think some of these pigs dont have a very good life expectancy. :D :D :D



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You just keep those beasts on your side of I-20.