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Ok guys I know this is trapping section but who better to ask this question of. My daughter killed her first deer this season and I promised her I'd get the hide tanned. It's currently wrapped up in the freezer. I'm looking for someone semi-local to Newnan that could tan it for me. All taxidermist around here seem to ship them off. If anyone knows anyone or is willing to do it for me (obviously i'll pay) please let me know. A PM is fine.
If my daughter showed that interest, me and her would tan it ourselves this summer as a project. What better way to spend your time than with your daughter doing something like that ? Plenty of books and you tube videos to show you how. It s a memory you both will cherish. It's not that complicated and she will learn a lot. Children grow quickly and we miss opportunities .


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You can ship to moyle mink in Idaho. You’ll have to flesh and salt dry it first though.
Or y’all can have your own project and do it all yourself!
What Bany said. I have two elk hides and an antelope hide with them. However I shipped them from Wyoming and it still cost 150 dollars. I will be ALOT to ship it to Moyl Mink from GA. Plus you have to have a taxidermists license to send it to them. I would ship it or drive it to Seminole fur dressing in Phenix City, AL. It will probally cost about $75. You could tan it your self but unless you are going to get your squaw to chew on it, it will be like a raw hide chew toy.
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My wife is pregnant and dealing with breast cancer about to start chemo. I simply have no time to try and do something on my own. Plus I don't want to ruin it.


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Godspeed to you and especially your wife.
It won’t cost too much to ship to Idaho but it needs to be fleshed and dried. I hope you've found something at Seminole
I did the Seminole Fur Dressing for a bear hide. First of all, they lost my hide so even though I dropped it off in April, it was November before they found it and got it back to me. Then, I was very disappointed as its kinda cardboard like, not soft and flexible. I thought it would be nice draped over a couch, but that didn't work out. This is a sample size of 1, but thought I'd share. I personally wish I'd spent a little money and had it done somewhere else. I'm not normally a complainer, but I had to share.