Tattnall county

been dry for months , got hot , but good rain tonight , dropin back down in the 30's , be good day tomorrow, deer goin in and out of rut , kinda scatterd activity,rattle and grunted up 3 already smelled me all 3 times, left blowin and a snortin, , they all came in weary, haven't caught one stupid yet !!!, seen alot of tree rubs not alot of pawin's though !! or i done missed the rut, on the last fool moon of october when the first cool snap hit !!


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Used to hunt that county till this year. Where y'all at? I hunted off 169 at Bradley pasture.
i live on the ohoppee river, off 280 , 86, and 292, in the great big town of ohoppee ga!! we got a stop sighn !!!.lol
Awesome. Do you bow hunt or just rifle? I couldn't make it down for opening day of bow season but hopefully I can get down before gun season starts. I live up near Atlanta but the family farm is down there.
Yeah man on the way back today morning hunts were awful didn’t see the first deer evenings were better they come out right befor dark I let a good 7 go and then missed a doe But it was a tough weekend my brothers didn’t get any chances