TBG Annual Banquet

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Jake Allen

Flyer coming with info, but advanced notice here.

Our Speaker this year is Clay Hayes. Good guy with allot to say and show.Look Clay up on Youtube and his website. Flint Knapper, Trad Archer, Selfbow Maker.

The Date is August 11 at the Georgia Wildlife Federation in Covington, Ga.

pine nut

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I thought I had replied to this already, but I don't see it. I"ll be celebrating my sister's eightieth birthday this year so I'll have to miss the banquet. Y'all have fun!


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I still plan on attending. Speak up if anyone is going from the middle Georgia area and needs a ride, wants to ride, etc....I'm coming from Rockledge through Dublin, Macon, and up I75.


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Best banquet ever. Speaker was great. I like the raffle tickets much better than the silent auctions in the past. Food was good too. Thanks to all who worked to make it the roaring success it was. Also, thanks to those who donated items for the live auction and raffles.


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Thankful I got to make it and thankful to Clipper for the invitation to ride there. I had already resigned that I would be in no condition to attend but when he called I thought; "What the heck, as long as I took it real easy I should be fine." I got a kitchen pass from my two caretakers (daughters) who reluctantly gave the OK. One of them got in touch with Tomi and Tomi assured them she would make sure I took it easy.:) Great banquet and wonderful guest speaker. As always, so nice to fellowship with so many wonderful folks. Good to see the raffle back, I'm sure the kids really appreciated it too knowing they could get a chance on some really nice items they might not otherwise afford to bid on. Thanks all for the hard work and dedication to TBG!! Outstanding job!!