TBG Banquet August 10th

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See Dutchman’s post “Hear Ye Hear Ye” for all the details on the Traditional Bowhunters of GA banquet. It’s coming up quick and it’s going to be great one!


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I want to mention the fact that the current President of the Professional Bowhunters Society, Matt Schuster, will be our keynote speaker at the banquet. While Matt is a local guy that lots of us have known for many years, it is no small thing that he is the President of a national bowhunting organization. I'm looking forward to hearing what Matt has to say to us.
Hate that I missed it!! New job working We'd. - Sat. Nights!
I enjoyed it. I saw a good many old friends,ate some good food and was entertained.
I didn't win anything but it seemed TBG did well on the fund raising.

One suggestion was to go back to the method we use to use for the raffle. When you check in you are assigned a number. You can write the number on your name tag and it also goes on a list by your name.
You then write your number on each raffle ticket. No trying to make out names or calling out long ticket numbers.
Thanks to everyone who made a good evening possible!