Team 1 “Wild Turkey” ?

We decided to take a little road trip... we hunted Rio's in Texas for a couple of days. Close but didn't happen. We're on the road now heading to New Mexico. Hopefully we can get on some birds. If not I'm going to have a great time trying!
Better pictures :) Tent camping. We had a great time hunting for Merriams in NM. It was our second double, we got one last year too. I love seeing the elk and mule deer, even better, finding sheds! This time we caught native brown trout in a tiny little river. trout1.jpg camp3.jpg Debbie2.jpg double2.jpg


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PHEEEnominal!! WOW is right! That is awe inspiring right there! BEAUTIFUL! congratulations.......I’m so jelly !
You know I didn't put that tag line under my name... one of our Mod's did that. I'm just trying to live up to it :) The truth is I just love being in the woods hunting or fishing. When we were camping every meal had some kind of wild game on the plate.