Team 1

Guys I haven’t had much time to hunt myself because ive been guiding. I’ve managed to kill half a dozen birds so far with clients. The good news is I land in Oklahoma on Monday morning and once I limit in Oklahoma I will head west for Texas. By the end of the week I should have 7 birds killed on this trip.
Ok guys I limit out in Oklahoma with 3 birds and Texas with 4 birds. I got some bonus pts birds to. I killed a triple beard in Oklahoma and a monster spur in Texas.
Ok guys i put the hammer on the western bird and limited out in Oklahoma and Texas. I have two birds to go in Georgia and I will have my ten for the season. I will Bowhunt the last two in Georgia and try for a good wildcard bird. This will be my last weekend guiding in GA and then i can focus on my last two. Good luck