Team 10 "Wild Turkey Fanatics"

Johnny 71

Senior Member
Had one gobbling at 645 this morning, got him half way to me, then one yelp from a hen, and never another sound, crow made another gobble later on, couldn't do nothing with him, their getting warmed up now and the season is almost over, I wish the season started two weeks later for the northern zone, and lasted two weeks later
well cant figure out how to do pics but we did hear a tom this morning but he was down in the swamp an got quiet before we could get his location try calling for 3 hrs an nothing going bac weds we still hav the lead but they are gaining on us going to need us a good wildcard bird
well over slept this morning but we made it to wma by 6;30 so we stoped at the 1st spot we got to an went in heard 3 birds 2 in swamp an 1 in the pines tried for them but they didnt want to play did call in 2 hens stayed there till 11 then moved an road was blocked with trees so we couldnt go to anymore spots going bac in the am
heard 2 gobble but were no shows had some hens come by 1 had 10 babys with her got to work tomorrow rode by my place an there were 2 toms with 3 hens an there was 1 hen by herself with her babys
well fellas it has been a good season had alot of time in the woods an got to see some nice birds shot learned some more bout chasing these birds going to go in the am before work just to hear them gobble one last time then onto fishing. been fun being yalls teammate an maybe we can do it again.just hope we can stay on top