Team 11 “ Just 3 Turkey Hunters”

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Folks good luck to everyone this season.Just to make sure everyone is on the same page please look at the example pics before taking you kill pics and bonus pics and entering them. These pics are the way yours should look. The judges will be tougher this season than last so pay attention to detail. Nothing worse than seeing someone not getting the points because they didn't follow directions. Text your pics to your teammates or post them on your team thread and make sure the team agrees with your pics before posting in the weekly kill thread. The date has to be shown in the pics and pics need to be clear and readable. Good luck!!
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I wonder what this group of turkey killers Is going to name there team.
Hey team, my name is Travis and I hunt mainly in Emanuel County. I'm a nurse here in Savannah, Ga so I have a flexible schedule thankfully and I work alternate day and night shifts. My cell is (912)Censored547-7059 and feel free to communicate via this number. I check it much more often. Just pulled cards the other day and have a few candidates for the season along with a lot of strut marks! Wouldn't mind having a team name by any means. Any suggestions?


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I’m here fellas! Lookin forward to sharing some stories with y’all!! Having a team name is fine with me. I live in Mansfield near Covington GA. Got one for sure that’s hanging around in Newton. Going to listen Saturday morning at my hunting club in Morgan county. Have been to listen 3 different mornings so far but I’ve yet to hear one gobble. What y’all hearing?
I hunt in Jackson and Lamar County and we have lots of gobblers this year. I am a Detective in the North ATL and am taking off the first two weeks of season. I PM'd both of you my cell so we can share photos etc once the killing begins. I am trying to think of name for us??
they were gobbling good last Saturday from the limb. Except for an occasional gobble or two they are staying quiet around the hens once they hit the ground.
Alright I posted Travis 's bird, that puts us at 15 points. He killed one open weekend but due to technical difficulties missed the 5 day dead line so that will be our Wild card for 20 points. I am heading to camp May 3-7, hope to put number three down then I am done. Good luck guys, lets try and finish strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!