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Alright guys it's official. Looking forward to the season now more than ever! Where do y'all hunt? I'll be in the woods as much as I can around Baldwin, Putnam, and Hancock counties!
yea i will be hunting wma 1st week of season then private 2 an wma 3rd week carrying a kid on adult child hunt. did some burning off on my land going to do some more 1st part of week. trying to found some more land to hunt cause i only hav 5 toms on my place so only going to take 2 of them
yea went to wma an toms are still together on my place they are all together got 2 nice toms an 6 jakes with 15 hens going to try an let the youngins get 1 of them
well couldn't get the youngin to go this morning so went an listened had 2 talking both got quiet a little after 8 went bac this afternoon an we called in a hen youngin got bored so we came home
hey at least you tried!! I wasn't able to take my little sister this year due to not being in a club and having access to private property... Full time in college now and working less = no way I swing it this year. I'm excited though. If I can get up I'll go listen in the morning before class!
yea done some scouting on wma an saw some birds going to go bac tues an listen an see if i can found where they roost got a buddy that is a past grand champion turkey caller an we will be hunting together at chickasawhatchee
yea going to hunt wma all week so hope to found a 3 year old with some good spurs then I will be on my place till apr 8 trying to get permission to hunt some more land where I hav been seeing turkeys