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well at wma today heard 1 but he didn't want to play gobbled 5 -6 times on the roost then got quiet an then at 9;30 he gobbled 3 times stayed with him till 11 an called it a day. went to my land an checked my camera an walked up on 2 toms bout 50 or 60 yds so I let them walk off havnt been a lot of birds posted so far going bac to wma unless the weather is bad
well yall hearing any had to be at the fire dept fri an sat then again on mon an tues an then weds an bac on sat again then i will be bac on my regular shifts
well finally got off from f d so going to go an listen in the am. got lucky am found some new land going to try it sun morning late going to try an hold out for a 3 yr old
awesome man! goodluck to you, you sure are on the birds. I'm in Tennessee right now. hunting public land. I'll be back saturday. called in 4 yesterday for my buddy and he busted one! got really Close this morning but all this bad weather has knocked us out for a While. monday was pouring all day, and today was ugly. hopefully it will be gone by morning because i know where about 3 different gobblers are at on the side of a Mountain, up here on the national forest!
team 9 got a big lead looks like we are all fighting for 2nd hope to get on some birds in am only been seeing coyotes an dogs on my place so going to give it a break for a day or to going to wma mon an tues