Team 12-"Beard Collectors"

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Where do yall hunt? How long have yall been turkey hunting?

I hunt Greene County and I am probably our teams "rookie" this is my 3rd season. I have killed 1 bird each of my 1st 2 seasons.
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Wow that name got put up quick.
That Kmack all rite in my book. :)
I live in Winder and hunt in Greene. I went the other day to scout and saw 2 strutters went to another spot cut 1 time and had 3 birds gobble went to next area checked cam and had 4 gobblers on cam together. Should be a good year if I can do part!
I hunt mainly in hall county, My private land doesnt have but 2 toms this year and neither are very big so I am going to hunt some public land around the house this year. Actually leaving here in probably 2 hours to go listen for birds on a wma.