Team 13 “Noggin Knockers”

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Folks good luck to everyone this season.Just to make sure everyone is on the same page please look at the example pics before taking you kill pics and bonus pics and entering them. These pics are the way yours should look. The judges will be tougher this season than last so pay attention to detail. Nothing worse than seeing someone not getting the points because they didn't follow directions. Text your pics to your teammates or post them on your team thread and make sure the team agrees with your pics before posting in the weekly kill thread. The date has to be shown in the pics and pics need to be clear and readable. Good luck!!
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Between joe Kurz first hunt piedmont in April and 3 tracts in meriwether county totaling 5500 acres should be able to scratch at least a couple of birds lol
Where y’all hunt at? How often? I’m off for 9 days to start the season off then pretty much a weekend warrior. Probably mix in a few sick days if you know what I Mean.
This one has my vote - noggin knockers

I have 500 acres in Baldwin county and 600 acres in Carroll County (close to home). I have 3 days on the opener Sat-Mon off and then just a weekend warrior.
I like Noggin-knockers...

I have 1000 acres in hancock, and a few other pieces i am going to be hunting as well. I will probably wait till the first couple of weeks of april and take a good solid week off but i have a few tracts close to the house so ill be hunting 3-4 mornings a week plus weekends in Hancock...
Birds at my place were fired up on the roost yesterday 3/17....shaping up to be a good Saturday if the weather cooperates!!! Rollin out Friday to set up camp and put one to bed!!:fine::fine:


My buddy and I took his 10 y/o sunday to my Carroll property. They hammered on the roost but had their harem of hens with them. I got the hens ticked off a few times but could only get them within 70-80 yards and she carried them off. We later saw them in the neighboring property's pasture. 4-5 big long beards and 20 hens. Should get good when the hens go to nest and leave them lonely.
Well guys, I connected Saturday evening with a sho nuff stud. Sadly I wasn't able to get measurements due to a situation in camp with some missing truck keysfacepalm:...I would've had to leave the bird sit all night till the next morning and I just couldn't bare to waste a turkey over a contest. Good news is, is that the birds are on straight fire at my place. Called up a solid 3 year old that my brother swatted and dad knocked down a 2yr old..good luck to y'all this weekend