Team 13 “Noggin Knockers”

Dang! Well I had a pretty crappy opener, no talking on the roost, both properties look like a ghost town. I know they are there, just going to keep at it.
Well, Yall's season must be going like mine. A good bit of gobbling, nobody wanting to play the game with me yet. I had a jake at 15 yards Sunday, but he got the pass. What are yall seeing?
All is quiet in Hancock...they are entertaining the ladies...haven’t had much excitement since opening day....missed last weekend due to moving. Will be at it either tomorrow morning or Friday
Slow is an understatement. Called in a total of 9 Jakes. Haven’t heard a gobble after 9:00 all season. Seeing very little sign hen tracks here and there. But I’m going to stay after them maybe my luck will Change. Good luck!