Team 20-"Beard Mafia"

(I at least know one passed through during the weekend headed to the neighbors property):
Guess he passed through headed back home.And brought a friend with him.

Beautiful morning to start turkey season. Heard first gobble at 3 minutes til 7. A lot of birds around me. Had to be patient, and my heart got broken for a while when the gobbler I had been watching and waiting on for 40 minutes chased another gobbler off the field.

Had a hen come to my call and hang out with my dekes. Gobblers that had run off came to our calls as she came in. Them boys came in fast and hard.

Man I've been blessed on opening day the last 2 years.

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A few pics on the birds I kilt yesterday.

One bird had 8 1/2" beard. Less than an inch spurs. Just a 5 point bird.

Larger bird had 11"+ beard and 1 3/8+ spurs. Should be some bonus points there.

Here's pics. Let me know your thoughts to if the pics work. We're going to have to have 7 birds in this contest. Y'all let me know if want me to post both birds (i.e. the no bonus bird). Do have the opportunity to replace it later with a Wildcard bird if we have a better bird.

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