Team 3 "The Intimidators"

I saw a good gobbler late yesterday afternoon. He was about 300 yards off the hunting club and across a dirt road with 8 hens. He was a good sized bird with a long beard. I have called birds in from around that same area before so maybe next weekend I can do it again. My other 2 places are dry as a bone! Not even a hen.
I'm heading out too. Gonna listen and hope they are at least in hearing distance of our newest lease. Keepin my fingers crossed! Good luck. Maybe y'all will find em!


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Heard 1 gobble twice. Within a few hundred yards of my ground blind I put up yesterday.
I heard 2 birds gobble several times off the back side of the property. I think maybe in calling distance. Rode over to the other hunting club and saw 3 long beards across the road on the neighbors property. They will be a maybe. My son-in-law just came home and said he saw 7 in a field right here at the house. All good signs but no definite ringers yet.
One of the four birds I had hangin around at end of deer season flopped sat afternoon by one of my buddies sons! 1 3/16" 1 1/16" Spurs 11" beard weighed 21.5 lbs! Good bird for a first if I'd say so!