Team 4 “The PARTY Team”

sea trout

2021 Turkey Challenge Winner
The party team!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm honored!!!!!
JUST got back from camp. heard one bird gobble at one spot and saw another tom at another spot!
Fixin to check camera cards then will check back!!
Good luck y'all!


“Well Rounded Outdoorsman MOD “
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I got plenty of ammo.
Sir missalot you get yours sighted in. Not that it matters to the “party team” !
I decided to buy me a long bow , give em a chance , almost got to where I can hit the target ever now and then !


“Rabbit Man”
The Party Team??? Between them jars of clear tea kmac makes and them jars that seatrout brings home from TN I see why yall the party team. Heck yall won't even be able to get up the next day to hunt from that stuff.:bounce::bounce:

Seatrout I'm glad I didn't sign up after seeing all them pics of them big birds you got. Got me shaking and skeered. Hope you can post up kill pics instead of cam pics. :rofl:

sea trout

2021 Turkey Challenge Winner
Ahhh ha ha ha ha! Them birds are for the birds! You would be scared if ya saw the few I'll be huntin!! You'd probly be scared to get outta the truck!!!

sea trout

2021 Turkey Challenge Winner
Have a great weekend party team!!!
I'm headed down to camp so I can listen in the mornin to try n locate some lonely gobblers. If I can, that's give me n my son an edge for this weekend youth hunt!
I don't have computer/internet access when I'm at camp. I'll pm y'all my number and if y'all want we can get a group text started for the next 2 months of contest!
Gonna have a fun hunt with my boy this weekend, hopefully get his first gobbler!
Then next week my wife will be putting my pirate braids in my hair and beard and I will be ready for combat!!!!!!!!!
Have fun y'all!!