Team 4 “The Widow Makers” !!!!!

Can’t wait to see your kill shots in the morning! I’m not going till Sunday, but I hope to post one this weekend
Don’t forget, they will be tightening up on the pics this year, Bird = 2 pics, first, one of you the bird and the date verification ( I use a news paper) the second , up close of the birds head and of the date, if there are bonus birds, then both ends of the tape must be visible when measuring the beard, and the date must be clear in the pic also, on a bonus spur, start at the one inch mark, measure from where the spur meets the leg, make sure the date is clear, also use a tape that has a wide blade (1”) 25’ tapes make good clear pics
Ok I’m back in town, went to see a buffalo, seen 4, going in the morning to shoot one,( turkey not buffalo) will send y’all a text with a pic


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Not a bonus bird but it's my first in 3 years. I'm happy. I had one gobbling good this morning. He got quiet then this one came in behind me
Good pics ,I say we post them both in the kill thread, if we get a good run of bonus birds, we can replace one of them later
Well I got skunked this weekend, course I didn’t go Saturday, early days tho
When we post pics in the kill thread we need to put our team number

Team 4
Johnny 71 first bird


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Cool video Richard. Well I made it home after 5 epic days of turkey hunting. I heard birds every day. I ended up killing a jake Monday morning too. I didn't get pics to post. He came in gobbling like he owned the woods. Had me all tore up. We ended up killing 5 toms all together. Another member killed one at 12:30 yesterday that had an 11"+ beard and 1 1/4 spurs. Me and another member got on one at 3:30 gobbling good. He got to 70 yards or so then ghosted us. We think he had hens with him. What a way to kick off the season
Sounds good. Anytime you can hang out in woods for 5 days is pretty cool. Gonna try an afternoon hunt today if weather is good and hit it Friday and Saturday morning. Hang out with family on Sunday. Good luck guys. Richard