Team 4-"Blowing Beaks OFF!"

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Super T and Mcguthrie, pleasure to meet you all and to be on your team. PM so we can swap cell numbers...look forward to a picture heavy year:)
Lord, we've been given a name. How do I blow a beak off if I try it with stick and string? Oh well, 15 more days to hammer time. Good talking to everyone and look forward to a fun year. Gents I will holler at ya on the 23rd.....:)


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Thought it was going to happen yesterday. Got close at daylight and set up 3 different times on gobbling birds. Set up on one this morn on roost. He gobbled on the roost then vanished. Never heard him fly down and never gobbled on the ground
I missed one last Tuesday with my bow and arrow, came close two other times but good gracious are they henned up!!

My Jackson County property is quiet, I am heading back to the honey hole this weekend. I am off again the 24th -30th so maybe the hens will be squatting full time then.