Team 4 "Feather Dusters"

Well it was a fun season. I had some close encounters but never got a good shot on one. Here was my close encounter from Friday. I sat down against a tree next to a field. After a few minutes it gets light enough to see a ant hill next to me so I figure I better shine it to make sure it's not active. I didn't want to have my elbow resting in it if it's still alive. So I get my light and give it a quick shine and this is what I see about a foot beside me. Who needs coffee to wake you up?
I sit in poison ivy a lot. It's easier to keep it from touching my skin than the snake.
That will wake you up! He gave you a pass, I'd give him a pass right back.
I'm glad it was a cool morning. It never rattled once. Slowly crawled off after I took the picture. It was 10 minutes before I could find another spot I felt comfortable to sit at. And when I did find a tree I cleared it like a SWAT team. I think I checked every leaf for 10 feet around it.