Team 5 “Noggin Knockers”

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I'm gonna do the same with my 8 year old grand boy.

Gonna spend the night with us and grill a steak Friday night. Gonna be watching turkey hunting videos.

Then get after them Saturday morning.

His first time on the gun. He's excited (so am I).
Grilled steak and turkey video's!!!!! I wish I was your grandson!!!
Ahhh ha ha ha ha, been a loooooong time since I was 8 though!
Good luck to you and him Bubba!!!!
I'm takin my son this weekend also. He's 11, been tryin for a few years. I hope this is his year!
I’m ready to see some smiling kids behind some big ol gobblers !
Not sure my bird status.

3 or 4 months ago I was seeing 20-50 birds about every trip out in the fields (mostly young birds - had a heckova poult season). Would have loved to set up on the edges of the field with my young fella, but fields are planted in winter rye and it's getting close to waist high now. Haven't seen any birds in a while. Not seeing sign in the sand roads through or around the edges of the fields. Don't imagine we'll be set up there.

Will likely ease away from the fields and down towards the edges of the swamp Saturday morning and see if we can strike one up. Good thing is if we can make that happen it won't be a long shot (which would be good on that 410 with TSS).

Bird or no bird we'll have a really fun time. He's real easy to be around.

Took him Sunday to knock around and scout. I'm pretty sure he stomped in every mud puddle on the property (and there's a bunch right now).

Excited that it's about here.
I hunted em mighty hard. Started down on the edge of the swamp and worked around ridges and out into the fields well throughout the morning. Figured for sure we'd have some action.

But a no show on the part of the birds. I guess they missed the memo.

Me n my grand boy had us a blast anyways.
Glad I went last weekend for youth day. All my stuff's ready to go (I've tried to talk myself into using a vest but just really don't like them. Too cumbersome. Too hot. All my stuff's packed in a Tom Teaser bag and ready to go).
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