Team 5 "Waddle Whackers"


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I apologize Ant. Had one at 30 plus. Just a head shot and let it go. Shoulda boomed it. Trying to get a better shot.
Good thing is neither of us is hurt.
Just curious Kmac "just a head shot"??? Where do u usually shoot them , never mind I remember, all over !


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I just added insult this weekend , Saturday it was like there wasn't a bird in the world , went back this morning, and herd 1 and got close enough to see him fly down, and I had only clucked a couple times cause this bird don't like know call, well after about 30 min of watching him he was over a little hill and I was gonna try and move , and put my gun on ground, when I did something caught my attention , it was a gobbler 20yds behind me , needless to say he didn't hang around for no shot , I've spent almost my whole season after this bird on public land , and haven't even hunted my private land since i called up the 1 my daughter killed a month ago , gonna go to private land in the morning, he may have whipped me Kmac !
I'm with you on the frustrations.

Great opening day for me, but since then it's been slowww.

Most excited morning I've had since is when I caught a trespasser turkey hunting on the property. :huh:

Have had a bird I've hunted hard. Had a chance 2 weekends ago and got impatient. Bird has laryngitis now.

Maybe this week.


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Finally got the monkey off my back , it's sure been a exhausting but fun season, 12in beard 1 1/4 Spurs , got to find someone to take pics , and get back after #2
That's a heckova bird.

Get them pictures just right for the entry.

With the spurs and the beard that could be a nice bonus point bird. That'd be a good un (and worth the wait). :cool::cool:

How Birds will be Judge
1. Jakes=2 points
2. Adult Gobblers= 5 points (Adult standards for this contest will be any gobbler with a 6 inch beard or longer. If it's close, a picture with a ruler/tape will be needed to verify. In the rare case that an adult gobbler has beard rot, a picture of the spurs lying on a newspaper to verify the date or a picture of a FULL fan and date verification will be accepted. It will be the judges’ decision to whether or not the gobbler is an adult.)
3. 10 inch beard or longer= 1 Bonus point
4. 11 inch beard or longer= 2 Bonus points
5. 12 inch beard or longer=3 Bonus points
6. Multi-bearded turkeys=1 Bonus Point plus Bonus points for the longest beard. Must have a pic to clearly show the base of the beards. Multi-Bearded jakes are worth 3 points.
7. 1 ¼ inch spur or longer=2 Bonus Points
8. 1 ½ inch spur or longer=3 Bonus Points
9. All Spur Bonus Point pictures must be measured from any inch line
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Do I need to post a kill thread. :)
Thanks kmac , and I guess someone does , but I'm in no hurry, I've got #2 acting like he wants to die , the bird I killed only gobbled 1 time in tree and once on the ground, but I could hear a couple more sounding off probably on elfis land I'm playing with 1 of them now !


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That's funny. Elfiii always says they on yours. He done quit hunting for the year.


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Kill that un and we'll send Olan Mills out to do the pictures.

:cool: :cool:
He's done gon quite on me , I done cleaned the 1 I killed so I may just hang out for a while , I was home in time to take my daughter to school, I killed him at 7:05